Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Plane Set to Depart Miami on 1/27/2010

Thank you to everyone that has donated so far, donations are still needed to support filling the cargo plane to Haiti on January 27, 2010. Please remember that no donation is too small, $10 will buy a can of Costco formula and $5 will buy numerous bars of soap. If you can give, please consider donating to the new children at the orphanage and the new children that will be coming thru the orphanage's doors.

One of the founders of Chances for Children, and a group of past adoptive families from Haiti will be travelling to Miami on Monday to shop for supplies and purchase the most needed items for the orphanage. On January 27, 2010 that same group of volunteers will be loading the donations onto the cargo plane which will land in the Dominican Republic where the supplies will be airlifted by helicopter to the orphanage in Lamardelle.
While in Miami we will be looking for warehouse space so that we can start an "in-kind" donation drive. As soon as we have a location and point of contact for those of you wishing to send supplies to the first container we have available to the orphanage we will let you know!